The TG-8 Tone Generator is the newest addition to our product line.  With eight tones available, the TG-8 can be used for security in evacuation systems, schools, paging, and hospital systems. Additional uses include information exhibits, and Animated Characters.   Weighing in as the most affordable tone generator on the market, the TG-8 is the solution to any large scale project. Additional features include auxiliary power inputs (for backup power generators), one shot and loop option on tone playback, optional voice messages, priority levels, compact design, and can be retrofitted with custom messages at the customers request.

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- 1 V rms @ 600 Ohms


- 12 to 24 Vdc @ 45 mA

- Provision for stand by power connection


- Output level


- 4 3/4" wide by 4" tall by  1 1/4" deep

- weight = 16 oz


- Black Baked Enamel


- Output - RCA

- Selections - screw terminal block


- Wail 350/1000 HZ 4 sec

- Siren 960/400 HZ .5 sec

- Hi/Lo 230/350 HZ .1 sec

- Chime 700 HZ 1.3 sec decay

- Bell 600/400 HZ 1.4 sec decay

- Tone 650 HZ 2 sec

- Melody (Westminster Chime)

- Voice Message - up to 8.9 sec


PS-1 or PS-2 (12 Vdc 100mA Plug-in Power Supply)

Voice Message:

TG-8 is supplied with one (1) pre-programmed 8.9 sec. voice message. Voice messages currently available are:

Evacuation for fire

Evacuation for earthquake

Tornado warning

Hurricane warning

Different tone and voice messages can be developed at customer request.


Mode of Operation:

Wail, Siren, Hi/Lo, Tone, Melody, and Voice are continuous (repeating) while contact is held, Chime and Bell are capable of either continuous(repeating) or a burst of two tones(single stroke) depending on the internal jumper settings.



Tones have been designated with low to high priority levels, if a contact closure is made on higher priority tone, it will over-ride the tone currently selected, after it has played its tone. Voice Message has highest priority and Wail has lowest.