Traffic-control quality. 
Requires 115 Vac.  
Will operate audible signal in IC-29 Dual Channel Universal Amplifier.
Loop instructions available.
Detailed information and product specifications below:



Self-Tuning:  Instant with application of power. 

Loop Inductance:  70 - 2,500 micro henries. 

Loop Frequency:  30-60 kilohertz. 

Sensitivity:  Vehicle detection results from a sufficient negative change in loop inductance  (-delta L/L).  Eight sensitivity levels are switch selectable.  Normal range:  levels 3 through 7. 

Grounded Loop Operation:  The loop isolation transformer allows operation with poor quality loops, including a single point short to ground.

Intermittent Loop Monitor:  If the total inductance of the detector input network exceeds the specified inductance range ..or takes a step change of more than 25% from the operating inductance, the detector will generate a continuous (Call) output in either presence mode or pulse mode and the front panel red LED will be lit continuously.  The continuous output and LED output will remain until the faulty loop condition is corrected.  If the faulty loop self-heals, the detector output will resume normal operation and the LED will go out. 

Lightning Protection:  Internal circuitry has been provided to protect the loop input against lightning. 

Internal Circuitry Isolation:  All internal circuitry is D.C. isolated from external circuitry.  Power is isolated by means of the power transformer. The loop is isolated by means of the loop isolation transformer and the output is isolated by the output relay. 

Output Modes:  Two modes of operation are determined by S1-1 (inside unit): 

Call Delay Time:  Two delay time modes are determined by S1-2 (inside unit).  When set to OFF, there is no delay in either pulse or presence outputs.  When set to 2S DLY, the loop must be occupied for two seconds before either pulse or presence outputs appear. 

Recovery Time:  Detector will recover to full sensitivity and full hold time in 750 milliseconds after vehicle leaves loop.  Recovery time is independent of vehicle occupancy time. 

Output Relay:  The output relay is energized for the CALL condition, insuring against constant call during loss of power to detector. 

Output Circuit Ratings:  The relay contacts are rated for 3 A max., 150 VDC max., 300 VAC max., and 100 watts max. .switched power. 

Detect Indicator:  High intensity red light emitting diode (LED) indicates output status of detector. 

Power Indicator:  High intensity green light emitting diode (LED) indicator glows while power is applied to the detector. 

Power: 120 VAC (90-135 VAC), 50/60 Hertz 

Fuse:  3 Amp Slo Blo (3AG) 

Operating Temperature:  -40 F to + 180 F,  (-40 C to 82 C) 

Enclosure:  The enclosure is aluminum with a durable fused polyester coating. 

Size:  2.25" W x 5" H x 5.5" D,  (5.71 cm x 12.7 cm x 13.97 cm),  (excluding fuse holder and cable) 

Wire Assignments:  Length 3.5' (1.07 m) 

Power Cords:  Units are supplied with a 3.5' (1.07 m), 3 wire power cord with connector. 

Suggested Loop Size:  18" x 54" (45.72 cm x 1.37 m) rectangle with 5 or 6 turns of #16 AWG XLPE insulated wire ..(DSI-116). 

Suggested Performed Loop:  IDC Detector Systems Model 1702 or 702.