For Service and Repairs
Success By Design
Richard Gray
6368 Del Paso Avenue
San Diego, CA 92120

Richard Gray either designed or was involved in design process for most  Communications Company's Products.
He has all the testing fixtures and service information. He is the only person that we recommend for repair work on the IC-28, IC-29 and RAD products.

For Replacement products:

IC-28 and IC-29 - TechWorks look at their IC-52 & ICA202

RAD Ramily See - RDL , FSR , that said we strongly suggest you look closely using Mid-Range DSP from Rane, Symetrics, Peavy, QSC are some of the vendors that have 4x4 and 8x8 DSP box's that also supply the actual room controls, you gain equalization and for a similar price point.

The SP-1, PT-1, MADA-2000 and our custom TOA stations I am not aware of any products that provide similar features in the market.

Michael Jordan, President Communications Company, Inc.